Putting Women First


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The Women's Clinic provides women's healthcare with a focus on putting you first. Our services include:

  • Abortion (in-clinic and telehealth medical abortion)
  • Managing failed early pregnancy
  • Contraception
  • Sexual health
  • Improvement of sexual function.

Our care is available to anyone. You do not need a referral and can book directly with us for any of our services.

Some of our services are free for New Zealand residents depending on where you live. If you are not a New Zealand resident or the care you want is not funded you can still access our services (including telemedicine medical abortion), though charges will apply.

What is funded in which region?

  • Mid-Central  - Abortion, Failed Early Pregnancy, Contraception (specific criteria must be met) including Mirena, IUD and Jadelle
  • Whanganui  -  Abortion
  • Wairarapa    -  Abortion
  • Southern      -   Abortion

Call us on 0800 226 784 to enquire or make a booking.