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Failed Early Pregnancy

Around 1 in 4 pregnancies are lost during the first 3 months after conception. In most cases, it is not possible to give a reason, though often it is due to a chromosomal abnormality in the embryo that stops it developing properly. 

Sometimes failed early pregnancy can present with bleeding and at other times it may have no symptoms and will be diagnosed on an ultrasound scan. 

If left to nature the pregnancy will often fully miscarry. However, it can be impossible to predict the timing of when the miscarriage will happen or how long it will go on for. In other cases, the miscarriage can be incomplete and require further treatment. 

At the Women's Clinic, we offer surgical and medical management options for failed early pregnancy. Inbuilt into our care is support, advice, and partnership through this often difficult time. We can also discuss with you investigations to assess if there is a reason you are having recurrent failed early pregnancy and optimising your chances of success for your next pregnancy.

Medical management is the use of medicines to provoke the miscarriage. This allows you to control when the miscarriage will happen. You will miscarry at home but with our team's support available 24 hours a day by phone. 

Surgical management is a short procedure under local anaesthesia (awake) using gentle suction to empty your womb. This allows you to avoid the physical symptoms and uncertainty of miscarriage. 

Whilst some prefer to try to get pregnant as soon as possible, others want to take a break. We offer full contraceptive services at no extra cost for miscarriage management.