Putting Women First

Abortion treatments

Before your abortion

All women who contact our clinic to enquire about abortion will be offered a free and confidential counselling appointment. Counselling is optional, but you should consider having this if you have any doubts about your decision or have other factors where you feel you may need psychological or social support through an abortion.

Before your abortion we will organise for you to have an ultrasound scan to determine and confirm how far your pregnancy has progressed. You will not need to hear or see anything on the scan if you do not want to.

We will also organise for you to have a routine blood test which is important to keep you safe during the abortion process.

After you have been in contact we will arrange for one of our clinic nurses to speak to you on the phone at a time that suits you so that we can obtain your medical history, answer any questions you may have and arrange the appropriate abortion care for you.

Abortion treatments

Not all the methods described may be suitable for you.

Your treatment options will depend on how many weeks the pregnancy is, your medical suitability and your personal choice.

There are two types of abortion treatment:

Medical abortion: The abortion pill

The abortion pill involves taking medicines to end the pregnancy. You can obtain this by coming to clinic, or in some cases via a telehealth consultation (phone).

Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion involves a minor procedure that may be done with local anaesthetic, with sedation or rarely with general anaesthetic.